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Mark Nischalke

Mark boasts over two decades of seasoned experience as a professional architect and developer, possessing a profound understanding of the entire software development life cycle. His extensive expertise spans the full spectrum of software development phases, from initial analysis and requirements gathering, to design, development, and seamless deployment. Throughout his illustrious career, Mark has demonstrated his prowess in designing and architecting solutions, catering to the needs of both Fortune 100 conglomerates and smaller enterprises across a multitude of industries.

Mark's technological prowess extends across a wide array of platforms, including but not limited to .NET, .NET Core, Azure, ASP.NET TypeScript, SQL Server, and Cosmos DB. He has also donned numerous hats throughout his career, serving as a team leader, mentor, trainer, and even as a Project Manager. He possesses the distinction of being trained by the Project Management Institute, underlining his competence in effective project management. Furthermore, Mark's dedication to his professional development and his commitment to knowledge sharing shine through his active involvement in local .NET and SharePoint User Groups.

Mark's impressive credentials include a slew of Microsoft certifications, such as Azure Solutions Architect and Developer, as well as Power Platform Developer, attesting to his profound skillset and expertise in the field.

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